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THE VALLEY:  “visit the valley… visit paradise...”

South of Traslasierra
From the south of Nono, the valley presents innumerable `laces to visit such as ; Las Calles; San Huberto ( La Peregrina Ranch); El Huaico; Las Rabonas; Los Hornillos; De la Viña dike; Villa de las Rosas and Las Tapias among others. All these charming mountain resorts, together with De la Viña dike, an ideal place to fish and to do water sports, the streams and rivers affer amazing natural landscapes

How to reach the place:

From route 9:
At Mina Clavero's roundabout, turn left, passing Arroyo de los Patos and Nono.  After "Rio Nono" bridge, kilometre 3,5; you will find Rancho La Peregrina.

From route 7 and 8:
At Villa Dolore's roundabout, turn right, at a distance of 30 kms you will find Rancho La Peregrina.

Mapa Traslasierra