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Did you know that...? Near our cottages there is a beautiful tourist attraction, "Paso de las Tropas", which in 1830 was the path followed by General Jose Maria Paz (Unitary), to fight against the Federal troops from San Luis in Luyaba battle.

On his way, Paz, met his chief, at stream "Huacle" (monte tupido) in order to "consuelt" him about the estrategies for attack, therefore the stream is called "Consulta".

The rested in Funes villa, today "Las Rabonas" and afterwards won a victory in what today we call Luyaba Park.

One of the last indian settlments was found in "Consulta" stream.

If you want to know these beautiful historic places as well as many others, visit Rancho la Peregrina.

Paso de las Tropas
Balneario "Paso de las Tropas"